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2008 brought four new police officers to the department, along with the promotion of one officer to sergeant. Creating a department funded administrative position and the promotion of an administrative sergeant allowed for the opening of the department’s newest substation located in Building 300. The opening of this substation provided increased central campus accessibility to staff members obtaining electronic access control identification cards and those utilizing the department’s new Livescan fingerprinting service.

The department continued to grow and improve on providing the highest level of police services to the campus and surrounding community. All of the units listed below are a vital part of that service, and the men and women who make up those units continue to bring forward ideas on how to improve that service in an efficient and professional manner.

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University of California Police Officers generally provide for the peace, safety and security of persons and facilities on the university campus and those properties owned, controlled, or occupied by the University of California. It is the function of the patrol unit to provide twenty-four hour uniformed patrol coverage to all areas of the university. Officers provide preventive patrols on foot, bicycle and motor vehicles; receive, process and investigate complaints by citizens; respond to emergencies such as crimes, accidents, injuries, illness and fires; protect persons and property through crime prevention; arrest offenders; appear in court; provide traffic control and enforcement; attend community meetings; perform miscellaneous services related to public health and safety; safeguard the custody and disposal of evidence and lost and found property.

Rescue Unit

The Rescue unit provides the university and surrounding community with a paramedic ambulance service that operates twenty-four hours a day. The unit is staffed with full-time Paramedics and part-time Emergency Medical Technicians that are also full-time UCSB students. The Rescue unit contributes to the medical readiness of the community by delivering emergency medical aid and teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes to campus departments and the public. The unit actively participates in the skill development of emergency medical technicians and paramedics by participating in training seminars and supporting the county’s annual Emergency Medical Services Conference. The Rescue unit responded to 854 medical calls this year, transporting 508 patients to a medical facility. 364 of the medical calls were for first aid assistance, not requiring patient transportation.

Rape Prevention & Education

The Rape Prevention and Education Program (RPEP) is a personal safety program jointly sponsored by the UCSB Police Department and the UCSB Women’s Center. Police and RPEP staff work together to educate the campus community about sexual assault prevention and to develop strategies for a safer environment. RPEP staff are also available to provide education, aid, and counseling to survivors of sexual assault.

Rape prevention workshops, discussions and seminars are available to all students, staff and faculty, both on-campus and in the surrounding community. Workshops focus on prevention, resources and assistance.

Investigations Unit

The Investigations unit fulfills the community’s need for advanced resources in criminal investigation, crime prevention, personal safety, dignitary protection and liaison to outside agencies. The unit investigates all major felonies, crimes against persons, property, and general crimes. The supervisor of the unit acts as the coordinator for the hiring process for police officers.

This unit has expanded in 2008 with the promotion of an administrative sergeant and the addition of administrative staff support occupying the department’s new substation. This unit is responsible for managing the department’s in-service training, coordination of all crime prevention programs, approval of campus alarm systems, including the 5-point security inspections, electronic access control, video cameras, Livescan fingerprinting and other staff projects. This position is also responsible for equipment purchases, media relations, updating the department web page with logs and alerts, and acts as the Public Information Officer. This office coordinates officers who set up presentations throughout campus and is available to answer any questions the campus community wants to ask. This office also manages our bicycle and skateboard safety class. Persons who receive citations for these violations on campus have the option of attending the one hour safety class in lieu of going to court.

Community Service Organization

The Community Service Organization (CSO) consists of students who work with the Police Department in serving the campus community. The CSO program began in 1972 as a communication link between the police and students, and has grown to fulfill safety and security needs of the university. CSOs provide public assistance and personal safety escorts, complete security checks, and detect safety hazards in campus facilities. CSOs also provide security for campus events and residence halls, to meet the special needs of these areas. In response to the needs of over 14,000 bicyclists at UCSB, CSOs conduct a comprehensive safety program of bicycle education, licensing, and enforcement. Throughout 2008, the unit has expanded to over 70 active CSOs, as the demand for their services has increased at student organized events. CSOs work closely with the department bike patrol officers and participated in a collaborative campaign to educate the public and regulate behavior pertaining to “Rolling Stock” (motor vehicles, bicycles, skaters, in-line skaters and skateboarders) issues in the central campus. With the increase in the on-campus housing population, the utilization of the CSOs has also increased.

Isla Vista Foot Patrol

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) was initiated in 1970 in the interest of developing “community based policing” for Isla Vista. The UCSB Police Department works with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department (SBSO) and the California Highway Patrol (added in 1995) to staff the IVFP. While the SBSO maintains overall jurisdictional responsibility for Isla Vista, the UCSB Police Department and California Highway Patrol provide a cooperative role in serving the special needs of a highly diverse population of over nineteen thousand people. The UCSB Police Department also serves an important role in representing the university’s interests in matters of safety and security. The IVFP provides police uniformed public safety services on foot, bicycle and in motor vehicles.

Records Unit

The Records unit provides information resources to university departments and law enforcement affiliates. The Records unit serves as a “clearing house” for information developed and recorded by all units of the Police Department. Services include police record maintenance and control; employment identification processing; records liaison with other university departments.

Communications Unit

The Communications unit provides radio and telephone support services to police personnel and the public. Services include: dispatching police department response to all calls for emergency and routine services; providing information and assistance to the public; monitoring alarm systems for fire, hazard, security and intrusion; and maintaining crime and traffic record data systems.



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