Program Highlights

For 2008, the most significant program highlighted is the partnership of the Police Department, Computing and Communication and Environmental Health & Safety with the implementation of the 3n Notification System. The 3n System is a way of providing accurate information and notification to the expansive, mobile UCR campus community in a timely fashion. It is a necessary tool for effective emergency management. This allow an option to provide students, faculty and staff with rapid, automated notification in the event of a campus or community emergency.

For detailed information regarding the programs and services, as well as information about the Department itself, please visit http://police.ucr.edu.

The University of California at Riverside is headed by Chief Mike Lane and provides police services to the students, faculty and staff of the University. UCPD Riverside is composed of three divisions: Campus Patrol, Investigations/Crime Prevention and Administration. All three divisions fall under the command of the Office of the Chief of Police, which also includes the Assistant Chief of Police and Lieutenant of Police.

This office oversees all management functions of the department. These functions include: Budget and payroll, public relations, internal affairs oversight, policy overview and implementation and legal matters concerning the department. The office is also the primary contact point for the Executive Leadership of the University in regards to police matters.

Domestic Preparedness

There are two sections to the Division of Campus Patrol: Uniformed Patrol Services for the Campus and the University Neighborhood Enhancement Team. Both are headed by a Police Lieutenant. The Uniformed Patrol section is further divided into the specific watches or shifts, with each watch headed by a Police Sergeant. The University Neighborhood Enhancement Team, or UNET, is also headed by a Police Sergeant who works in tandem with a City of Riverside Police Sergeant, the other half of the UNET project. These two sections account for all personnel assigned to handle daily calls for service and proactive policing.
Also falling under the domain of this division is the Department’s Community Service Officer Program. The CSOs are student-workers, employed by the Department to patrol various locations throughout campus in a non-sworn, unarmed capacity. It has been said and is still true, that the CSOs are the “eyes and ears” of the Department. The students have daily interaction with the officers and the program has proven to be an excellent introduction to campus law enforcement for students who may not have looked at the field otherwise.

The UNET project continues to be a very effective and unique undertaking for the department. The team is an example of an unprecedented level of cooperation between a municipal police department and a college or university police agency. The team, though not autonomous, enjoys a large degree of latitude in determining its focus and efforts; this is due in large part to the past and current success that the team enjoys.

The Investigations Division handles most criminal case follow-up, particularly in cases involving the issuance of search or arrest warrants, complex or those involving a potentially lengthy investigation. The Division is staffed by two detectives of who are considered “generalist” in nature, meaning that they do not specialize in one particular field. The detectives are also responsible for crime prevention activities, community outreach, as well as being a liaison between outside agencies and the department.

In a proactive approach and concerns by the UCR Community, the department has assigned a police officer to Crime Prevention.  Duties include a proactive role in the distribution of information, presentations and training for personal safety.

Investigations Bureau

The Administration Division handles all matters of accounting, record keeping, management of filed reports and IT for the Department. Also under this division falls the Department’s Live Scan operation. UCPD Riverside has become a primary provider of Live Scan services for the University and handles most Live Scan requirements. Members of the Administration Division handle all scheduling and monetary transactions related to the service.

Also falling under the command of the Administration Division is the Department’s 9-1-1 dispatch operations. All Department dispatchers, dispatch supervisors, as well as all issues related to the maintenance, upgrading and expansion of the campus 9-1-1 system is the responsibility of the division. Because of this arrangement, the campus 800 MHz radio system is also administered through this division; all campus departments wishing to use the system have this division as their primary point of contact.



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