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Paul Henisey is the Chief of Police at the University of California, Irvine Police Department and is joined by Jeff Hutchison – Assistant Chief, Baltazar De La Riva – Lieutenant, Richard Worcester – Investigations Division Sergeant, Mark Arnold – Administrative Sergeant, Marla Purcell – Management Services Officer/Administrative Unit, Martha Thomas – Records Manager and Joe Bessolo – CSO Coordinator. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality in public safety and policing services and ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for the entire UC Irvine community. 

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Patrol Division

The primary responsibility of the UC Irvine Police Department is to provide police services at the main campus.  In addition, uniform officers respond to the UCI Medical Center for reports of major crimes on a 24/7 basis. The primary function of the Patrol Division personnel is to provide a uniformed response to calls for service, enforce traffic laws, provide safety presentations to the campus community, assist other divisions as needed, and to act as a visible deterrent to crime. Officers patrol the campus using marked and unmarked patrol cars, police motorcycles, off-road equipped bicycles and on foot.

This past year, the Police Department has accomplished several goals directly affecting the patrol division. A UASI grant was obtained to upgrade and purchase additional radios to enhance our communication interoperability with surrounding law enforcement agencies. The Police Department hired two patrol officers who were successful in the Field Training Program and completed their probationary period. Some of the noteworthy training completed by our sworn personnel includes the following: Drug Recognition Expert Instructor re-certification, Gang Awareness, Special Events Management for Law Enforcement, DUI Enforcement, Bicycle Patrol, Campus Public Safety Response to Active Shooter Incidents, Motorcycle Basic Academy, Radar-Laser Operator, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Suicide Terror and Threat of Explosives.

Additionally, the Patrol Division took part in several enforcement activities working in conjunction with other surrounding Orange County law enforcement agencies. The UC Irvine Police Department is an active member of the ‘Avoid the 28: Orange County DUI Grant.’ An Expertise Development Program was initiated to enhance the department’s level of knowledge in the areas of gangs, traffic enforcement and arrest and control tactics. Members of the UCIPD are currently cross-training with the Santa Ana Police Department to develop expertise in gang suppression. The department is also working with the Orange County Fire Authority on various projects to improve service and reduce response times to alarm calls and other calls for service which are life-threatening in nature. Further, our officers continue working with the members of the campus community, the surrounding law enforcement agencies and the Orange County Fire Authority to develop training to prepare for a major incident on campus such as an active shooter incident.

Within the UCPD system, the UC Irvine Police Department provided mutual aid for a variety of large scale events at UCLA, UCR, UCSB, UCSC and UCSD. The Police Department also participated in several community events such as the Irvine “Red Ribbon” Pizza Delivery Night, “Tip-A-Cop” Night, Baker-to-Vegas relay race, Special Olympics Torch Run, UCI “Car Show on the Green”, UCI Police Department/UCI Medical Center Teddy Bear Drive, Police/Housing Softball Challenge and the Student Academic Advancement Services Student/Parent Orientation Sessions. The patrol division experienced another year with significantly increased calls for service and arrests.


The Investigation Division is compromised of a Detective Sergeant and three Detectives. The division conducts criminal investigations of all crimes occurring on the UC Irvine Campus and at the UCI Medical Center which is located in the City of Orange. The two UCI campus Detectives investigate all crimes committed on the main Irvine campus while the Medical Center Detective investigates crimes occurring there. The Medical Center Detective acts as a liaison between the Police Department and the Hospital Security Department and also provides them with training and advice.

The Detectives have received POST approved training in the areas of advanced criminal investigations including interview and interrogation techniques, domestic violence, homicide, computer crimes and sexual assaults.

The Detective unit provides the Patrol Division with uniform patrol assistance when large campus demonstrations require additional staffing. Major arrests for the past year include the apprehension of several career criminals who were successfully charged and prosecuted on multiple felony criminal counts.

Two major criminal investigations were conducted in 2008 that had a major impact on the UCI community. The first investigation involved the theft of personal identification and tax information from about 200 UCI graduate school students. The investigation was conducted over approximately a 5 month period, which resulted in the arrest of the suspects responsible for stealing graduate students’ personal information from a Dallas, TX suburb medical insurance company’s computer database files. The second investigation was a bicycle theft operation involving a group of suspects who operated out of a suspected drug house in the city of Garden Grove. A search warrant was served on the Garden Grove home and a cache of stolen bicycles and parts were recovered.

The UCI Police Department joined the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force (OCATT) and assigned a Detective to this team. The task force investigates crimes involving auto theft, improper licensing and registration, and the thefts of vehicle components. The UCI OCATT Detective will serve a three year term in this Orange County Multi-Agency task force and provide advanced auto theft investigation skills and techniques to the UCI Police.

The Communications Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and consists of 6 full-time Dispatchers and 2 part-time Dispatchers.

The UC Irvine Communications Center is fully operational with state-of-the art equipment and inter-operative capabilities. The dispatchers are responsible for answering business lines, emergency, non-emergency calls, as well as calls for service for the UCI Medical Center. They are also responsible for monitoring the security alarms, surveillance security cameras, blue lights and campus elevator phones. Any items reported lost, stolen, found or located are entered by Dispatch into the California Law Enforcement System (CLETS). In 2008, Dispatch processed 17,469 campus incidents and 12,601 Medical Center incidents. They answered 27,050 campus calls, 18,181 Medical Center calls and 6038 9-1-1 calls. All calls for service are dispatched utilizing the 800 MHz radio systems.

Crime Prevention Unit

The Administrative Division is dedicated to providing support to the Police Department management team. The Management Services Officer oversees the Administrative Division. The division includes the Records Manager and Administrative Assistants. The primary functions of the division include handling payroll and benefits matters, responding to the concerns of the public, maintenance of department records, providing fingerprinting services, and maintaining the Lost and Found Property. In addition, the division assists with the recruiting and hiring processes of Police Officers, Administrative Staff, Dispatchers, Community Service Officers and Interns. The division also plays an active role in budget and purchasing matters.

In 2008, the Community Service Officer Program has continued to expand its roles and duties to continue to meet the needs of the campus community and the UC Irvine Police Department. By providing specialized services to the campus community, the CSO Program has been able to develop strong ties with various campus departments. CSOs have also continued to serve as essential support personnel for the UC Irvine Police Department. In late 2006, a CSO Bicycle Patrol Program was established. This has allowed the CSO Program to increase their visibility to the campus community. The CSO Program also provides the campus with valuable information in reference to safety awareness, crime prevention tips, and criminal activity on campus. In 2008, the CSO Program provided a total of 1964 safety escorts, worked 14,304 hours and drove 45,800 miles during their campus patrols and safety escorts.

The Security Department continues to staff the unit with Chief Security Officer Scott Martin, Administrative Lieutenant Greg Lawritson, and a complement of Sergeants, Corporals, and Officers totaling 30 FTE. The construction of the new UC Irvine Medical Center University Hospital's has just been completed and patients are scheduled to begin moving into the new facility in March 2009. Included in the new facility is a fully integrated security system including access control and CCTV.

The Security Department continues to work closely with the UC Irvine Police Department, Orange PD, the Orange County Sheriff's Department's Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC) and the Private Sector Terrorism Response Group (PSTRG).  Chief Scott Martin has attained a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) designation through the OCIAC for the private sector in healthcare security. In 2008, the Medical Center was surveyed by the Centers for Medical and Medicare Services (CMS) and Security successfully passed inspection under the Environment of Care. The Medical Center has participated in disaster exercises as required by The Joint Commission. This year the Security Department participated in the Golden Guardian Exercise, a State Wide Medical and Health Disaster exercise with the scenario involving a large earthquake. The Work Place Violence Response Team continues to meet on events requiring threat assessments and/or threat management strategies. One of the highlights in our Security Program continues to be our Taser Program. The Department continues to receive many inquiries from healthcare security and law enforcement agencies regarding the policies and procedures about UCIMC’s Taser program.



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