Message from the Coordinator

On behalf of the Chiefs at the ten campuses of the University of California Police Department, I am pleased to share the 2008 Systemwide Annual Report & Crime Statistics of the University of California Police Department (UCPD). We produce this report each year to inform our campus communities and the public about reported crimes and crime prevention information. This report also contains the statistics for prior years for your reference.

Each UC campus Police Department has the responsibility of gathering statistics, identifying reportable crimes, and reporting and publishing statistics to the Department of Education, the FBI, the California Department of Justice and the public. The Annual Report and the Clery Act Report are included within this responsibility. Statistics for the various are provided in different formats and categories depending upon legal requirements.

In 2008, the University of California issued its Campus Security Task Force report. This report examined how prepared the University of California is to address some of the concerns identified as a result of the Virginia Tech incident in 2007. The task force studied how the campuses could enhance their security, notification processes, mental health services and general preparedness The task force issued recommendations, many of which have been implemented or are currently being implemented, to ensure that the entire University community is afforded the greatest protection available.

The University of California Police Department subscribes to a community oriented policing based philosophy, working in partnerships with our campus constituencies to deter crime and resolve safety related concerns. We work with students, staff and faculty to make them aware of the available resources, understand their roles in ensuring a safe campus and be able to take appropriate action when necessary. We recognize the need to pursue outreach methods, crime prevention strategies, security measures and enforcement programs with the active cooperation and participation of the campus constituents. Without these partnerships we could not be successful.

The mission of the University of California Police Department is to protect life and property in support of the mission of the University of California. UCPD Police Officers are duly sworn peace officers as defined in the California Penal Code Section 830.2 (b) and they are entrusted with the duty and responsibility to serve and protect the community throughout our ten-campus system. The Officers take on this responsibility with enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and personal commitment as is reflected in their oath of office as a peace officer in the State of California. Each campus Police Department employs numerous civilian employees and a large complement of student employees as well.

The primary responsibility of every one of our members is to assist the University to establish a safe and peaceful environment in order that the University’s mission of education, research, public service and patient care can take place in an open and welcoming environment.

Each campus has varied safety challenges. As you review this report, you will see some of the similarities and differences between campus departments. By providing individualized services and strategies tailored to protect people, property and resources, every campus is assured of programs addressing its unique needs. These measures, often developed in collaboration with key members of the campus communities, provide coordinated responses whether providing a service, addressing a small incident or catastrophic event. It is also important to acknowledge the high level of collaboration among the ten University police departments and the excellent relationships that have developed throughout the campus communities we each serve. In addition to the campus communities, UCPD has strong working relationships with municipal law enforcement and local agencies in the areas served.

I encourage you to contact the individual campus departments with questions or inquiries. You may also want to check out the University of California site for additional information including the Campus Clery Reports and Safety Programs for each campus at

Any questions concerning this report may be addressed to me at the University of California, Los Angeles Police Department. On behalf of the UCPD Chiefs, it is our collective goal that you find the Annual Report informative and reflective of our commitment to ensuring the safest possible campus communities.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to note that I am completing my tenure as UCPD Systemwide Coordinator of Police Services in June 2009. I could not have served as the systemwide coordinator without the support of the UC Chiefs, the police department at UCLA and, more specifically, two dedicated individuals on my team, Sergeant Tony Dueñas and staff assistant  Renee Granger. Thank you for all your support. Completing a term as systemwide coordinator is not the only passage for me; I am also retiring after 33 years of dedicated service to the University of California Police Department at Los Angeles. In that time, there have been many organizational changes for UCPD both as a system and on individual campuses. UCPD has grown professionally with the training, tools and relationships that allow us to compete today with local municipal departments while perfecting the ability to work within the University context, protecting our campuses by working in partnership with students, faculty and staff. I have personally experienced many positive changes in University law enforcement since first becoming a patrol officer. I am proud to have devoted my career to the safety of future generations.  


Karl T. Ross
Coordinator of Police Services
University of California



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