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Patrol officers provide a full range of services to the UCSD community and respond to a variety of calls including crimes in progress, medical aid calls, traffic collisions and 911 calls.

Last year, officers attended active shooter training. Emergency response drills were conducted on campus and included other local law enforcement agencies to stress the importance of interagency cooperation during critical incidents.

Mobile computers and in-dash video cameras were installed in the patrol vehicles. These resources allow officers to complete reports in the field, conduct records checks and capture evidence to aid in the identification and prosecution of suspects.

Patrol officers continued their participation in the countywide task force to combat underage drinking, working with other local law enforcement and the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control at various locations around San Diego County. They also assisted other agencies with DUI check points at various times during the year.

Several new officers were hired in 2007, keeping our field training officers busy.  Two officers were promoted to sergeant and a lieutenant now oversees the Operations Division.

Patrol officers continued to teach the Rape Aggression Defense class to members of the campus community.

The Bicycle Enforcement Officers’ (BEO) primary responsibility is to patrol the campus and enforce the California Vehicle Code and university policies relating to bicycles and skateboards. Other services provided by the BEOs include safety escorts, lock cutting services, documenting security and lighting discrepancies, as well as being extra eyes and ears for the police department.

In the past year, our visibility on campus and enforcement actions have made a positive impact on the campus community. We attended monthly meetings to discuss the community’s concerns regarding signage, trails and hazards in and around UCSD. The illegal parking of bikes on trees and hand rails has dramatically decreased with the issuance of citations and the use of A-frame signage. We impounded approximately 400 abandoned bicycles in 2007, resulting in more available spaces and a cleaner environment for our cycling community. We also expanded our donation program to include more non-profit organizations within San Diego County. 

The Residential Security Officer (RSO) program is a community partnership between the Police Department, Housing and Dining Services, and the Academic and Residence Life offices at each campus. The program is supervised by the Police Department and receives its funding and support from Housing and Dining Services. Our mission is the safety of our residents and their property.
The program has grown to cover nine residential areas. Each of the seventeen RSOs works closely with the residence life staff at their assigned campus to identify concerns and develop strategies to foster a sense of community and maintain a safe residential environment conducive to the educational mission.

The RSOs generally patrol the campus between the hours of 8:00 pm and 6:00 am. RSO duties include patrolling assigned areas on foot or bicycle, enforcing university and housing policy, providing after-hours escorts, security and welfare checks, identifying and documenting security and lighting discrepancies, and attending community meetings and presentations. They also attend numerous student educational forums and assist with the training of new residential advisors and informational sessions for incoming freshmen. All RSOs are trained in CPR and first aid, and attend a forty hour laws of arrest course, in accordance with section 832 of the California Penal Code.

Community Service Officer Program

We hired a dispatcher and added two new full-time records clerk positions to our unit in 2007. To reduce our reliance on paper resources, we began digitizing manuals.  We also succeeded in completing the CLETS interface for our computer aided dispatch system, allowing us to check multiple criminal justice databases with a single query. Our dispatch center received 48,631 calls for service last year.

The Specialized Services Division is a multi-faceted unit, comprised of both police and civilian personnel, and is responsible for a diverse number of services to the University:

 Investigations is responsible for conducting criminal investigations on crimes occurring on the UCSD campus.  Cases involving identifiable offenders are routinely filed with the city/county prosecutor’s office for adjudication.  If the offender is a UCSD student, the case may also be submitted to the Student Policies and Judicial Affairs Office for administrative disciplinary action.  This year the Investigations Unit increased the number of follow-up investigations by nearly 20%. 

Community Programs  is responsible for conducting security surveys of university buildings, community training and outreach, special event planning, recruitment, liaison with other university and community departments and groups, and training coordination for police personnel.  The unit also manages the Senior Volunteer and VIPS (Volunteers in Police Services) programs.

The Community Service Officer Program (CSOs) is comprised of forty student employees who provide safety escort services and act as eyes and ears for the police department.  Providing supplementary services to emergency personnel, CSOs responded to medical emergencies and fire alarms, directing emergency vehicles, establishing safe perimeters, and providing preliminary first aid when necessary. CSOs also functioned as staff for special events. Last year, this included the Law Enforcement Explorer Program, which was attended by approximately 300 youths and over 60 officers and deputies from various police departments from throughout the State of California.

Members of the Specialized Services Division provide expertise to the police department and community in areas such as workplace violence, homeland security/terrorism, background investigations, vehicle theft, computer crimes, identity theft prevention, evidence processing and management of special projects.

The division was instrumental in the planning of the annual UCSD Sun God Festival held in May, which drew over 17,000 people, and the multi-agency/multi-discipline Active Shooter Emergency Drill held on campus in October of 2007.


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