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Continuing to grow during our 3rd year following priority objectives!

The Administrative Division provides clerical and administrative support for the UC Merced Police Department.  This includes, oral and written communications, maintenance of complex calendars, and preparation of materials for meetings, responding to public requests for general information, preparing and submitting budget reports, purchase requisitions, and handling all confidential police department files.  The Division is also responsible for processing and maintaining administrative records as it related to the UCMPD Mentor Program, UCMPD CSO Program, department brochures and bulletin board announcements, all lost and found property, inventory management, and the liaison for processing live scan for the UC Merced Human Resources.

The mission of all employees of the University of California Merced Police Department is to enhance the quality of life by providing a secure and safe environment in which the University Community can reach and maintain its fundamental mission of research, teaching, and public service. We do this with a well-equipped, well trained, professional police agency, in partnership with all of the community and in accordance with the highest professional standards of law enforcement and public service.

In addition to emergency management and emergency communication center accomplishments, the department implemented a model traffic safety program, successfully cleared noteworthy cases including death, thefts and domestic violence; collaborated with Student Housing and Student Health in presenting a “Student Toolbox” series training for non academic living skills; and hosted five regional law enforcement trainings; numerous new trainer certifications were attained; and recognized department members through dispatcher and officer of the year regional awards and departmental employee recognition celebrations.

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In 2007, our department continued to grow from 15 to 17 allocated staff with the promotion of the 1st Sergeant and recruitment of  two police officers. 

In September, our department hosted it’s first UC Chiefs meeting, and in November, provided security for the Inauguration of UC Merced Chancellor Sung-Mo “Steve” Kang. 

Another year with the University of California, Merced Police Department Mentor Program collaborated with city schools, School of Natural Science and School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts to address highly-at-risk fourth and fifth grade students for “Success in the Summer” program. August through December provided mentoring to 210 elementary students, and daily one-on-one mentoring to 30 high-risk students; collaborated with Student Government and Student Clubs in organizing and performing Merced Community Clean-ups and renovations; provided two community clean-ups and one Habitat for Humanity Assist; received City and County Recognition for program; provided twelve Civic Organization presentations; through quantitative criteria named the next elementary school to participate in the program; and was nominated for the California College and University Law Enforcement Administrators’ Award of Distinction.

As students continued to arrive on campus, a full year of lost and found reports was initiated. During 2007, the following reports have been taken.

    • 383 reports of found property were taken, 40% increase from 2006.
    • 238 reports of lost property were taken, 54.6% increase from 2006
    • 19.3% of these reports were cleared as owners found the property or the property was turned in as found by someone else with owners matched with the property and thus released.

    Even though our Department does not have the Live Scan equipment on premises, our Department is the liaison for processing requests for live scan with the University of California, Merced Human Resources. For 2007, we have processed 146 requests for this service, a 131% increase from 2006.

    The UC Merced Police Department Operations Division has been proactive, progressive, and innovative in the way it has provided police services to the university community. In 2007, the Operations Division reached some major milestones and had some significant accomplishments that are critical to the department’s growth. In May, the department promoted its first Sergeant and followed this promotion with the addition of two new Police Officers to the department. These additions brought the department’s sworn staff to ten positions. Working under the umbrella of the Operations Division is Patrol, Community Service Officer Program, Mentor Program and Crime Prevention and Education Programs.

    Patrol remains the most visible segment of the Police Department with police officers patrolling the university community by foot, bicycle, electric car and patrol car. UC Merced Police Officers frequently and positively interact with the student population.  Many of the officers know a large number of students by name and many of the students know their police officers by name, thus promoting a safer and more secure living and learning environment.

    The department’s officers continue to work closely with other allied agencies in joint investigations, targeted task forces and mutual aid assists during calls for service.  In an effort to address the safety and concerns around the issue of DUIs, UC Merced PD partnered with eleven other Merced County law enforcement agencies and with funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety, the AVOID Anti-DUI Campaign was brought to Merced County. In recognizing the need to promote the safety benefits of seatbelt usage to the university community, the Police Department participated in the 2007 nationwide “Click It or Ticket” Seatbelt Campaign with funding through the California Office of Traffic Safety. Finally, in 2007 the Police Department became affiliated with the High Technology Crime Investigation Association and its Central Valley Chapter.

    In August of 2007, the UC Merced Police Department conducted a full-scale multi-agency training exercise focused on testing the university and community’s response to an active shooter situation on campus. It also tested the ability of UC Merced Police Department and the university’s ability to quickly, effectively and appropriately set up a unified response based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This training exercise succeeded in identifying weaknesses in the overall response, which have helped the campus and community to discuss and develop more effective responses, should an incident of this magnitude occur on campus.

    The Police Department’s Community Service Officer Program (CSO) student employees are an essential component of the department’s crime prevention efforts. The program has helped improve the level of law enforcement services that the department provides to the university community. CSOs perform safety escorts (483 were perform in 2007), building checks and provide ongoing safety awareness through peer education efforts and informational booths. In 2007, the CSO Program’s Bicycle and Electronic Program, which was designed as a theft prevention program, reached a record number of registration requests. After only two years of operation, the registration program has proven its effectiveness with none of the items that were registered being reported as stolen to the police department.

    Beyond this, Police Officers provided and coordinated programming for alcohol/DUI awareness, sexual assault and date rape prevention education, drug abuse prevention, personal safety awareness education and computer crime awareness.  Officers provide these education services through their day to day contacts with the university community and through organized events throughout the school year.

    The Police Department continues to reach out to the Merced Community through its Mentor Program. In partnership the Merced City School District, the UC Merced community and the greater Merced community, the Police Department’s Mentor Program continues to work on addressing the educational needs of local grade school students. Beyond this, the program works to improve quality of life issues and encourage social responsibility in the underserved communities in the City of Merced through targeted programs, events, and discussions. The program selects, recruits, trains and guides members of the University’s Student Body to become mentors to grade school students. The Mentor Program has been extremely well received by the schools that it is currently in and currently has a waiting list of school principals wanting the program to expand into their schools.

    With each new year, the Operations Division continues to make new strides in the level of service that it provides to the university community. Being the most visible segment of the Police Department, members of the Operations Division take great pride in the accomplishments that they have achieved in the short time allotted to them since the department’s inception in 2005. Having the department’s values and principals at heart, the Operations Division looks forward to the coming year, including the challenges that come with it.

    The Support Services Division which consists of the Public Safety Dispatch Center, Records Bureau, Evidence Unit and Campus Clery Compliance continued to move at a fast pace during 2007. The Public Safety Dispatch Center received an additional 10 cameras adding to the 15 already being monitored 24 hours a day, three more Blue Lights were added to our new housing area incorporating the same standards of campus safety and security, all while answering approximately 100,300 phone calls.

    Our toll free telephone number was activated to provide campus status during an emergency along with safety and security information through a pre-recorded messaging system. As police personnel become aware of potential hazards and emergencies that may impact the campus community, a brief message is generated by police dispatch and updated as the conditions change. In the event there are no incidents to report, safety tips maybe provided.

    We coordinated the purchase and installation of a bi-amping device to provide radio/communication coverage for police and facilities personnel where none existed before. Efforts are on-going with 800 MHz re-banding effort involving UC Merced, Motorola and Sprint-Nextel.

    A “Campus-wide Mass Notification and Critical Security Needs” presentation was provided to the Chancellor’s cabinet. The Chancellor agreed with the recommendations and supported the proposal. The Support Services Division is in the process of procuring a multi-layered mass notification system designed to ensure complete alerting capabilities on-campus and off-campus.

    During the summer, four of our five Public Safety Dispatchers participated in the UCMPD Active Shooter Training Exercise with roles in dispatch, Incident Command and in the field. This scenario afforded us the opportunity to test existing campus emergency mass notification equipment and systems and ultimately served to support our need to modify, retrofit and enhance our current abilities to alert students, staff, faculty and guests of an on campus life threatening emergency.

    Our Police Dispatch Center registered with the Federal Communications Commission for a Public Safety Answering Point – PSAP number. Once assigned this FCC number, we began working with Department of General Services, Intrado Inc. and independent wireless carriers to route cellular 9-1-1 (Wireless E9-1-1) calls generated on or around the UCM campus into our police dispatch center in lieu of the California Highway Patrol.

    UC Merced Police Department continues to raise the bar of excellence for safety and security to our campus community. We strive to fashion new and innovative service methods without losing our core values and principles, but better serve our diverse population. 2007 has been a lot of hard work and a great deal of fun. We are all looking forward to new challenges during 2008.



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