Message from the Coordinator

On behalf of the Chiefs at the ten campuses of the University of California Police Department, I want to welcome you to the 2007 Systemwide Annual Report & Crime Statistics for the University of California Police Department (UCPD).

I am pleased to share the 2007 Systemwide Annual Report & Crime Statistics with you. We produce this report each year to inform our campus communities and the public about reported crimes and crime prevention information. The University of California Police Department ascribes to a community oriented policing philosophy, working in partnerships with our campus constituencies to deter crime and resolve safety related concerns. We work with students, staff and faculty to make them aware of the available resources, understand their roles in ensuring a safe campus and be able to take appropriate action when necessary. We recognize the need to pursue outreach methods, crime prevention strategies, security measures and enforcement programs with the active cooperation and participation of the campus constituents. Without these partnerships we could not be successful.

One cannot talk about campus safety without taking a moment to remember and honor the memories of the individuals lost during the Virginia Tech tragedy. This incident brought campus safety to the forefront nationally and provided stimulus for campus communities to examine their current practices and update systems based on the lessons being learned from Virginia Tech. In 2008, the University of California will be issuing its Campus Security Task Force Report. This report examines the University of California's state of preparedness and recommends continuing enhancements to the campuses current security and safety practices.

The mission of the University of California Police Department is to protect life and property. The UCPD Officers are entrusted with the duty and responsibility to serve and protect the community throughout our ten-campus system. The Police Officers take on this responsibility with enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and personal commitment as is reflected in their oath of office as a peace officer in the State of California. UCPD officers are duly sworn peace officers as defined in the California Penal Code section 830.2 (b).

Each Department employs numerous civilian employees and a large complement of student employees. The primary responsibility of every staff member is to assist the University to establish a safe and peaceful environment in order that the University’s mission of education, research, public service and patient care can take place in an open and welcoming environment.

Each campus has varied safety challenges. As you review this report, you will see some of the similarities and differences between campus Police Departments. By providing individualized services and strategies tailored to protect people, property and resources, every campus is assured of programs addressing its unique needs. These measures, often developed in collaboration with key members of the campus communities, provide coordinated responses whether providing a service, addressing a small incident or catastrophic event. It is also important to acknowledge the high level of collaboration among the ten University of California Police Departments and the excellent relationships that have developed throughout the campus communities we each serve. In addition to the campus communities, UCPD has strong working relationships with Federal, State and municipal law enforcement and other local public safety agencies in the areas served.

I encourage you to contact the individual campus Police Departments with any questions or inquiries. You may also want to check out the University of California site for additional safety information including the Clery Report and links to information from each campus' UCPD at

Any questions concerning this report may be addressed to me at the University of California, Los Angeles Police Department or any other the campus Chiefs. On behalf of the UCPD Chiefs, it is our collective goal that you find the Annual Report informative and reflective of our commitment to insuring the safest possible campus communities.


Karl T. Ross
Coordinator of Police Services
University of California Police Department



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