The Office of the Chief consists of the Chief of Police and Command Staff, which includes one captain and a Management Services Officer. Captain Joyce Souza oversees both Field Operations and the Support Services Divisions; while Chief Annette Spicuzza is supported by her Executive Administrative Assistant Deborah Hammond.

For further information about the UC Davis Police Department’s programs, check our updated website at www.police.ucdavis.edu.

Program Highlights

In 2007, after the Virginia Tech incident, the UC Davis Police Department’s Senior Staff reviewed its state of readiness as it relates to an active incident; and after a careful assessment, staff identified a need to provide the UC Davis community with strategies and options for surviving an active incident. The Community Survival Strategies for an Active Shooter is a one hour presentation developed to provide insight into why law enforcement responds in the manner it does. It allows the participant to listen to actual audio tape and view actual video footage from inside Columbine during the rampage; in the hopes of educating the community to the chaos that surrounds such an ordeal. The training has been a huge success and is shared with confidence, thoughtfulness, and with a true commitment to protect our community and its members. Many units on and off campus have benefitted from the presentation as well as other law enforcement agencies and the South Lake Tahoe School District.

Employee Recognition

Each year the UC Davis Police Department recognizes exemplary employees, nominated by their peers, for their commitment to quality leadership, efficiency and customer service to the Davis community. We take pride in the dedication they demonstrate on a daily basis.

Officer Moaz Ahmed has been with the UC Davis Police Department since 2004; and was honored in 2007 as Officer of the Year. From March 2007 through September 2007, Officer Ahmad made 20 DUI arrests and 10 Drunk in Public arrests. Additionally, Officer Ahmad participated in the Avoid the Yolo 8 campaign and conducted presentations to the UC Davis community regarding the effects of using alcohol and drugs. It’s Officer Ahmad’s "can do” attitude,  outstanding work ethics, consistent effort, excellent officer safety skills and aggressive self-initiated enforcement activities that  have reflected so positively on the Police Department; and contributed to a pleasant and effective working environment. His enthusiasm and commitment to teamwork are an example of why our department is so successful. His pride in his role as a Police Officer is to be commended; as it is this level of dedication to community on which UC Davis prides itself.

Tracy Peterson, 2007 Dispatcher of the Year and is yet another exceptional employee of the UC Davis Police Department. Tracy has handled various projects this year; enhancing the efficiency of the communications unit. Tracy updated the Emergency Contacts List for both the campus Police Department and the Med Center in Sacramento, reorganized and updated dispatch center resource binders and worked in conjunction with the Yolo County Superior Court and Traffic Divisions to recall outdated/old warrants; reducing the departments warrant files from over 400 to 58. Truly, it is Tracy’s work “behind the scenes” that demonstrates her dedication to the public safety profession.

Divisions / Departments

A lieutenant manages the Investigations, Crime Prevention, Property and Evidence, and Lost and Found Units. The Investigations Unit, comprised of an Investigations Sergeant and three investigators, one investigates a variety of crimes on campus and at the UC Davis Health System. Another investigator serves on the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force, and one is responsible for investigating crimes against women as part of UC Davis Police Department’s participation in a federal "Violence Against Women" program; all Investigations Unit staff work various protection details for visiting dignitaries to the University.  Detectives also serve on the Student Crisis Response Team and provide instruction to the department and the community in the Citizen’s Academy, Rape Aggression Defense, CPR/1st Aid, Range and Field Training Officer programs. Additionally, the lieutenant is a member of the University Misuse committee.

A Crime Prevention/Crime Analysis specialist coordinates with members of the Campus Violence Prevention Program as well as other campus and Health System groups to provide consulting, security advisement, and prevention presentations. The Police Department graduated 32 attendees from its two Citizens’ Academy classes this year. The academy offered university credit to those students attending; and highlights included student training on a firearms simulator and investigation of a mock crime scene.

The Patrol Operations Division is divided into the UC Davis Campus Patrol Division and the UC Davis Health System Patrol Division, a Level 1 trauma hospital located in Sacramento. Each location has four patrol teams, a sergeant and three officers, and operates on 3/12 schedules. On the UC Davis campus, a lieutenant oversees the patrol teams, Fleet Management, Field Training Program, Traffic Team, Range Unit, Bicycle Patrol Team, Special Events and Cal Aggie Host Student Patrol. The Aggie Hosts were especially active in 2006, supporting 350 on-campus events. Six Protective Service Officer positions were added to the Patrol Division in 2006 to provide 24/7/365 staffing at the California National Primate Research Center. Other campus patrol team activities include traffic management and planning with other campus groups, partnership with the Cowell Student Health Center and Davis Police Department with a Safe Party Initiative, and the Public Information Officer function. Patrol personnel participated throughout 2006 in the Sacramento County Avoid the 12 campaign and the Yolo County Avoid the 8 campaign, DUI enforcement operations with allied agencies.

The Police Department has been working hand in hand with the Campus’s Emergency Manager to research, review and recommend the new emergency notification system. Implementation is scheduled for early next year, 2008.

The Campus Violence Prevention Program was awarded a one million dollar system wide grant this past year. It will be used to assist all campuses in developing new programs in the area of sexual assault. The primary mission is to eliminate these forms of violence and ensure support services are available for survivors. Immediate, confidential and supportive response to survivors is a priority. Staff supports survivors through initial medical evaluation, legal and police procedures, and academic and housing issues. Confidential crisis intervention and advocacy is available to both recent survivors and those working to recover from a past incident.
For more information about the CVPP grant project visit www.voicesnotvictims.org.

The UC Davis Health System lieutenant serves as the manager of all patrol responsibilities at UCDHS properties in Sacramento. He oversees the patrol teams, 11 Protective Service Officers, Defensive Tactics and Less Lethal Program, Critical Incident Negotiations Team, Canine Unit and the McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center.

Other activities of the UCDHS patrol teams include participation in equipment management and inventory, traffic management of adjacent and internal public roadways, hospital and neighborhood safety meetings, and presentation of a K-9 competition at the UC Davis Annual Picnic Day.

Criminal Investigations Unit

Our Communications and Records Division has ten dispatchers and a Dispatch supervisor, and 1.5 Records staff. We continue to fully implement our CAD/Records System to streamline our work and to allow us to be more efficient and effective. The Communications Center dispatches all police and fire calls for the campus and Health System, as well as alarm response and requests for campus Cal Aggie Host escorts.

The Business Services Division is overseen by a Management Services Officer. The consolidation of the Division to serve both the Fire and Police departments continues to go well and supports our philosophy of effective and efficient business services. The business staff handles purchasing, Human Resources needs, payroll, grants management, department reception, recharge activities, facilities maintenance, financial reporting and budget planning and development.



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