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Program Highlights

Office of the Chief

The primary role of the Office of the Chief includes oversight of sworn officers and management of parking, dispatch and kiosk personnel. All personnel actions, budget and finance, recruiting, hiring, response to public concerns, coordination of policy issues and legal matters as well as campus emergency management are routed through the office of the Chief.

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Mt. Hamilton

The Field Operations Division is comprised of the Patrol Bureau, Administrative Sergeant, Crime Prevention and Training. We are actively pursuing the inception of a Community Service Officer program to better serve our population. Two officers have been certified as range masters and provide all range instruction in-house. Motorcycle officers are able to patrol areas of the campus not accessible to vehicles. Bicycle patrols are encouraged on the trails and the majestic woods that surround our campus.

There are a number of university departments that are situated off campus which require our officers to patrol a large physical area. It is clear to us that additional personnel will be needed to maintain the high level of response and customer service we have been able to provide in the past.

Motor units worked in conjunction with local law enforcement to stage BADGES, a concentrated traffic enforcement program to bring awareness of speed, seat belt and other regulations at the beginning of each quarter on campus and in other areas of the County.

The Administrative Sergeant was responsible for coordinating the Regents visit, and all logistical needs in support of mutual aid for the meeting.

During 2006, the patrol bureau completed 1,505 police reports, arrested 196 individuals and issued 1,252 citations.


The Assistant to the Chief manages the Administrative Division, which provides clerical, fiscal, and administrative support for the Department. The Division is also responsible for inventory management. The Assistant to the Chief also functions as the Hearing Examiner for individuals wishing to contest parking citations. UC Santa Cruz successfully applied and received a number of Homeland Security grants that are being administered by the division.


The Support Services Division consists of the Communications Bureau, Records Bureau, Evidence, Investigations, and Campus Clery Compliance. The Records and Communications manager is responsible for 1 Dispatch Coordinator, 8 dispatchers and 2 Records clerks that process all incoming calls for Police and Parking services. Clerks manage the lost and found items as well as fielding calls from the general public and cashiering for payment of citations.

The Communications Center is in need of updated equipment, which we are going to acquire before we complete our move to the new Police Department. Upon occupation of the ERC, we will be fully functional with E-911 equipment and will have sufficient staff to maintain two dispatchers on duty 24 hours a day.

Dispatch also monitors all security and fire alarms as well as the blue light phones and calls for maintenance during off hours. Incoming calls from the general public after hours and on weekends are also handled by the Dispatch center.

Our dispatchers answered 10,360 calls for service in 2006.

Parking Enforcement

We currently employ 5 parking officers and one supervisor, who are responsible for parking enforcement on our 2000-acre campus. The officers issued 34,102 citations in 2006. Additionally, Parking officers assisted with special events, security, graduation and traffic management during emergencies.

The Parking Supervisor also reviews all Administrative hearing requests.

Kiosk Guards

Both entrances to the campus are monitored by Guards after dark. Guards are responsible for ensuring that access to the campus is only granted to individuals with a legitimate reason to enter. Guards also provide assistance to law enforcement and have been instrumental in the arrest of individuals under the influence trying to enter the campus.

As with Parking enforcement, Kiosk guards are also utilized during special events, security, graduation and traffic management during emergencies.



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