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Program Highlights

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The Patrol Division provides a full range of police services to the UCSD community. We respond to a variety of calls including crimes in progress, requests for medical aid, traffic collisions and 9-1-1 calls.

In February of 2006, officers began preparing most of our cases using the report writing component of our new Computer Aided Dispatch/Records Management System (CAD/RMS). The system allows us to capture more data while generating less paper. This year we hope to implement mobile computers for our field units.

Patrol continued to participate in task forces and worked with local law enforcement agencies and the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control at various locations around San Diego County, including participation in DUI check points, to combat underage drinking, as well as driving under the influence.

Last year, we initiated a number of suppression details to address bicycle thefts, auto thefts and auto burglaries. Several individuals were arrested for stealing bikes, two of them were repeat offenders.

Four new field training officers completed POST certification last year, and all of our FTOs were kept very busy with the several new officers we were able to hire in 2006.

Community Service Officer Program

We spent 2006 improving dispatch and records functions, and refining the way we use dispatch tools. We are constantly developing the way we use our CAD/RMS software, adding locations, making changes and adapting the software to fit our needs. Dispatchers have mastered the use of Computer Telephone Integrated equipment (VESTA) and we have successfully proven that we know how to use backup phones during upgrades and outages. Our dispatch center received 47,715 calls in 2006.

We continue to work closely with other departmental entities on campus, including the campus fire marshal and the office of Environment, Health and Safety, enhancing our abilities to deliver our services to the community.

Residential Security

Last year proved to be typical, yet active for the Detective Bureau. Investigators conducted nearly 900 follow-up investigations, a 45% increase from the previous year. Personnel background investigations, Clery compliance issues and the prevention of campus workplace violence involving threats of violence and acts of intimidation also kept us busy during the year.

The Specialized Services Division is a multi-faceted unit, comprised of both police and civilian personnel, and responsible for a diverse number of services to the University:

  • Community Relations Unit (including Crime Prevention, Special Events, Alcohol Taskforce, Senior Volunteer Program, External Liaison and Recruitment);
  • Residential Security Officer Program
  • Community Service Officer Program
  • Bicycle Enforcement Program
  • Training and Background functions
  • Investigations

The highlights of 2006 for our unit were the multi-agency UC Regents Meeting held at UCSD in January, the annual Sungod Festival in May and the San Diego County Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST) Disaster Drill held on campus in August. Every branch of our division was utilized in the planning and execution of these events, all of which were considered by the entire University community to be a great success.

The Residential Security Officer (RSO) Program consists of a Sergeant, a Corporal and 17 civilian positions. Our mission is the safety of our residents and their property. The program found new challenges in 2006. We added off campus housing locations, previously serviced by a private contractor, to our areas of responsibility. This required the hiring of several new Security Officers.

The Community Service Officer (CSO) Program employs students to provide high quality, non-confrontational security for the community. Student safety escorts, which are the primary focus of the CSO Program, are provided every evening of the year with the exception of major holidays. After 1 a.m., other members of the UCSD Police Department handle escorts.

The CSO Program underwent a change in management in 2006. A sworn police officer was selected to administrate the program and become the Community Service Officer Coordinator. This has brought about a higher profile within the department and a greater proactive relationship within the campus community.

The Bicycle Enforcement Officer’s (BEO) primary responsibility is to patrol the campus and enforce the California Vehicle Code and University policies relating to bicycles and skateboards. Other services provided by the BEO include escorts, lock cutting services, documenting security and lighting discrepancies, as well as being extra eyes and ears for the police department.

Last year our department gained a valuable new member, Monica Castrejon, our second BEO. Her presence has allowed us to increase our visibility on campus and aided in our spectrum of patrol. We were also able to address the issue of numerous abandoned bikes on campus, resulting in more bicycle parking for the campus community. Together the bike enforcement officers (BEOs) are able to enforce University policies regarding cycling and skating on campus while educating those who are unaware of such regulations.


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