Program Highlights

Paul Henisey is the Chief of Police at the University of California Irvine Police Department and joined by Jeffrey Hutchison – Assistant Chief, Lieutenant Denny Jenner – Fields Operations, Sergeant Shaun Devlin – Investigations Division, Sergeant Steve Monsanto – Administrative Sergeant, Linda Ochaita – Dispatch Supervisor/Communications Division, Martha Thomas – Records Manager and Scott Larson – CSO Coordinator. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality in public safety and policing services and ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for the entire UC Irvine community.

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Patrol Division

The primary responsibility of the patrol division of the UCI Police Department is to provide police services at the main campus. In addition, uniform officers respond to the UCI Medical Center for reports of major crimes, 24/7. The primary function of the personnel assigned to the Patrol Division is to provide a uniformed response to calls for service, enforce traffic laws, provide safety presentations to the campus community, assist other divisions as needed, and to act as a visible deterrent to crime. Patrol officers utilize a community-oriented approach to law enforcement, involving the campus community to assist in crime prevention. Officers patrol the campus by use of marked and unmarked patrol cars, police motorcycles, off-road equipped bicycles and on foot.

This past year, the police department accomplished several goals directly affecting the patrol division. UCIPD hired a Patrol Lieutenant and an additional patrol officer. The department gained a new sergeant by promoting one of its corporals. The supervisory staff of the patrol division added to its reservoir of knowledge and skills by sending one sergeant to the Sherman Block Leadership Institute (SLI) course, one sergeant to the Weapons of Mass Destruction” course and two Corporals to the POST Supervisory course.

Additionally, the patrol division took part in enforcement activities working in conjunction with other surrounding Orange County police agencies. Two of these enforcement details included the: Orange County DUI Task Force and the “Click-It Or Ticket” seatbelt enforcement program. Within the UCPD system, UC Irvine Police Department willingly and readily provided mutual aid for a variety of events posing potential encounters with large crowds to: UCLA PD, UCB PD, UCSB PD and UCSD PD. To show its appreciation to the community, UCI PD participated in the “Irvine Pizza Delivery Night” and the “Tip- A-Cop Night.” The patrol division has experienced an increase in its volume of calls for service, citations and arrest from previous years.

The Investigations Division is comprised of a Detective Sergeant and two Detectives. The Investigations Division conducts criminal investigations of all crimes occurring on the UC Irvine Campus and the UCI Medical Center located in the City of Orange. The UCI Medical Center Detective acts as a liaison between the police department and the hospital security department, and additionally provides crime prevention strategies and advanced officer training to the hospital security staff. The UC Irvine Campus Detective investigates all crimes committed on campus including follow-up on hit and run traffic collision reports. The unit also acts as the police department court liaison and prepares all crime reports for filing at the local District Attorney’s Office.

The Investigations Division participated in a variety of advanced police officer training classes sponsored by POST in 2005, including advanced criminal investigations, DNA/CSI training, advanced interview and interrogations, search warrant school, and a number of in-house training classes hosted by surrounding police agencies. The unit looks forward to the purchase of advanced surveillance equipment in 2006, as well as the addition of a third working detective to the division.

The Communications Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is run by the Dispatch Supervisor, 6 full-time Dispatchers and 4 part-time Dispatchers.

The UC Irvine Communications Center is fully operational with state-of-the art equipment and inter-operative capabilities. The dispatchers are responsible for answering business lines, emergency, non-emergency calls, as well as calls for service for the UCI Medical Center. They are also responsible for monitoring the security alarms, blue lights and campus elevator phones. Any items reported lost, stolen, found or located are solely entered by Dispatch into the California Law Enforcement System (CLETS). In 2005 Dispatch processed 17,509 campus incidents and 11,790 medical center incidents. They answered 32,418 campus calls and 22,063 medical center calls. All calls for service were dispatch utilizing the 800 Mhz radio systems

Crime Prevention Unit

The Administrative Division is dedicated to providing support to the department management. The unit includes the Records division and the PD Internship Program. The Management Services Officer oversees the Administrative Division. Under the Management Services Officer, the division also includes the Records Manager/Custodian of Records/Jeanne Clery Coordinator, an
Administrative Assistant Specialist and Records Administrative Assistant. The primary functions of the division include handling personnel and benefits matters, responding to the concerns of the public, providing fingerprinting services, bicycle licensing, and maintaining the Lost and Found Property. In addition, the division assists with the recruiting and hiring processes of Police Officers, Administrative Staff, Dispatchers, Community Service Officers, and Interns. The division also plays an active role in budget and purchasing matters.

The Records Manager and controls all records for the UCI Police Department. All record requests are reviewed and processed by to ensure proper release. The Records Manager is also responsible for coordinating compilation of statistics for annual reporting in accordance with UC requirements as well as Federal requirements got the Jeanne Clery Act and the Annual System Wide Report.

In 2005 the CSO Program expanded its roles and duties to continue to meet the needs of the campus community and the UCI Police Department. By providing specialized services to the campus community, the CSO Program has been able to develop strong ties with various campus departments. CSOs have also continued to serve as essential support personnel for the UCI Police Department.

Through the use of website crime bulletins, newsletters, and weekly crime logs, the CSO Program has taken an active role in informing and educating the campus community. This has allowed the Police Department to increase their visibility to the campus community. These services provide the campus with valuable information in reference to safety awareness, crime prevention tips, and criminal activity on campus.

The Security Department continues to staff the Program with a Director, Administrative Lieutenant, Sergeants, Corporals, and Officers (32 FTE). Construction continues on the New University Hospital (NUH) with all of the mat foundation concrete pours completed; now framing the NUH can begin. Year two approaches after the M-26 Taser was introduced and to date it has been an effective tool and the processes associated with it continue to validate the Program, i.e., annual training, data collection, deployment review panels. The Security Department provided representation in many planning committees or task forces related to Emergency Management or Anti Terrorism to include the Medical Center's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)/Bioterrorism Task Force, Orange County Sheriff’s Department Private Sector Terrorism Response Group, and Region One Homeland Security Advisory Council. Scott Martin, Director, and Lt. Greg Lawritson, continue to hold Chairman and Membership Chair, respectively, positions with the Orange County Healthcare Security Network (OCHSN) now in its second year. The Medical Center participated in disaster exercises as required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Highlights this year included County and State Wide Medical and Health Disaster exercises with themes associated with coordinating the reception of patients in a National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) exercise and WMD related scenarios. The Work Place Violence Response Team continued to meet on events requiring threat assessments and/or threat management strategies.

In 2005 the Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) Program, managed by Luis Maldonado, supported by Nelly Cruz, Parking Office staff and Parking Enforcement Officers, continued to enforce parking rules and regulations, and provide parking accommodations for faculty, staff, and visitors. Introduced this year was a web based parking permitting system to accommodate our customers. Transportation options were also provided to employees, staff to and from the Irvine Campus, and patients on our Medical Center site. Employee transports totaled approximately 360,000, Campus/Medical Center Shuttle transports totaled approximately 12,000 transports, and Patient Shuttle transports totaled approximately 4,800. The PTS SCAQMD Commuter Reduction Plan and Survey was very successful with a 99.8% participation in the Survey and an improvement in our Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR). Additionally, This Program continues to improve and meet the demands of the ever changing need for inventory of parking spaces as a result of the construction associated with the New University Hospital and parking needs associated with the construction crews. 

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