The Office of the Chief consists of one patrol captain, two patrol lieutenants, two administrative lieutenants, and four civilian managers. A second captain will be recruited in 2006.

On May 16, 2005, a new police chief, Annette M. Spicuzza, joined us. She served as the Assistant Chief of Police for approximately five years with the University of Washington, located in Seattle. Her previous 15 years of experience was with municipalities in Washington and with the Chicago Police Department. She is the first female Chief of Police at UC Davis.

For further information about the UC Davis Police Department’s programs, check our Website at www.police.ucdavis.edu.

Program Highlights

The Police Annex building is opening in early 2006, adjacent to the current Police Department. It will house the Administrative Division, Informational Technology, Detectives, Crime Prevention, and the Campus Violence Prevention Program.

Sergeant Barry Swartwood received the UC System wide Medal of Valor, and Lieutenant Nader Oweis and Officer Ruben Arias received the Distinguished Service Medal for their roles in the shooting incident on campus in December 2004. Dispatchers Jeff Rott and Tamar Rein were awarded the Distinguished Service Commendation. Sergeant Paul Henoch and Officer Franci Abrahams also received the UC Systemwide Medal of Valor for their apprehension of a fleeing auto thief who rammed their police car.

Department staff and officers participated in the “Golden Guardian” Emergency Preparedness drill at the UC Davis Medical Center this past year. UC Davis also recruited a new emergency manager who works closely with the Department on emergency planning.

A lieutenant oversees the recruitment, hiring, and retention responsibilities, training manager function, and management of the Complaint Investigation Unit. Recruitments continue to pose challenges for our staffing. Our recruitment efforts have been ongoing as we recruit for several open positions. We hired one police trainee who is attending the Sacramento Police Academy and promoted two internal candidates to the rank of Lieutenant in 2005. The Training Unit coordinated hundreds of hours of training for sworn and civilian staff. We are planning for a comprehensive training calendar to remain in compliance with POST regulations.

The Campus Violence Prevention Program provides education, advocacy, and outreach about the sexual violence, stalking, and relationship violence. The primary mission is to eliminate these forms of violence and ensure support services are available for survivors.

Immediate, confidential and supportive response to survivors is a priority. Staff supports survivors through initial medical evaluation, legal and police procedures, and academic and housing issues. Confidential crisis intervention and advocacy is available to both recent survivors and those working to recover from a past incident.

In 2005, the University of California, Davis, Campus Violence Prevention Program was awarded a federal grant from the Office on Violence Against Women at the U.S. Department of Justice. The grant has allowed us to develop a comprehensive program to prevent and respond to violence against women on campus. For more information about the CVPP grant project visit voicesnotvictims.org

A lieutenant manages the Investigations, Crime Prevention, Property and Evidence and Lost and Found Units. Investigations Unit detectives investigate a variety of crimes on campus and at the UC Davis Medical Center. The unit is comprised of a Detective Sergeant and three detectives. One detective serves on the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. One detective is responsible for investigating crimes against women as part of UC Davis Police Department’s participation in a federal "Violence Against Women" program, They serve various Dignitary Protection details for visiting dignitaries to the University. The detectives also provide instruction to the department and the community in the Citizen’s Academy, Rape Aggression Defense, CPR/1st Aid, Range, and Field Training Officer programs.

A Crime Prevention specialist coordinates with members of the CVPP and other campus and Medical Center groups to provide consulting, security advisement, and prevention presentations. She worked extremely hard this past year to coordinate and present the Department’s first Citizen Academy which is scheduled to be held in early 2006.

The Lost and Found Unit is the custodian for all items found and turned in by various departments on campus. The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining, storing, and disposing of all evidence taken into police custody. Property and Evidence staff work closely with the Patrol Division and Detective Unit, Sacramento County Crime Lab and the California Department of Justice Crime Lab when evidence must be analyzed prior to court proceedings. A new property and evidence facility adjacent to the Police Department will be located in the new parking structure.

Cal Aggie Host Program

The Patrol Operations Division is divided into the UC Davis Campus Patrol Division located in Davis, CA. and the UC Davis Medical Center Patrol Division, a Level 1 trauma hospital located in Sacramento, CA. Each location has four patrol teams, a sergeant and three officers, and operates on 3/12 schedules. On the UC Davis Campus, a lieutenant oversees the patrol teams, Fleet Management, Field Training Program, Traffic Team, Range Unit, Bicycle Patrol Team, Special Events, and Aggie Host Student Patrol. The Aggie Hosts were especially active in 2005, supporting 350 on-campus events. Other campus patrol team activities include security planning at the National Primate Research Center, traffic management, planning, and project input, partnership with the Cowell Student Health Center and Davis Police with a Safe Party Initiative, Police-Community Forums with students, staff and faculty, and the Public Information Officer function.

The UC Davis Medical Center lieutenant oversees the patrol teams, 11 Protective Service Officers, Defensive Tactics and Less Lethal Program, Critical Incident Negotiations Team, Canine Unit, and the McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center.

Other activities include participation in the Golden Guardian multi-agency terrorism response exercise presented by the Office of Homeland Security and state and local authorities, equipment management and inventory, traffic management of adjacent and internal public roadways, hospital and neighborhood safety meetings, and presentation of a K-9 competition at the UC Davis Annual Picnic Day.

Criminal Investigations Unit

Our Communications and Records Manager is responsible for eleven dispatchers and three Records staff. We are working with a Visionair CAD and RMS system and are still implementing some of its functions. The Communications Center dispatches all calls for the campus and Medical Center, including Fire Department calls, as well as alarm response and requests for campus escorts for the Aggie Hosts. This unit historically included the IT unit; implementation of a combined business office for both Police and Fire has resulted in the IT unit being relocated under the Fire Department structure and serving both organizations.

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